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Robert’s Story


After years of waiting, Robert finally found the time to improve his forever home.

Whether it was his children’s education or family vacations, Robert never found the perfect time to settle down and tackle his home improvement needs. However, after living in his current home for 36 years, he realized it was finally time to explore his renovation options.

“The last improvements were made 30 years ago and we had the original windows and doors. We always wanted to upgrade our main home, especially now that we are retired.”

Window World delivered everything promised, on-time and according to the price we agreed to.

With 30-year old windows, Robert noticed that they leaked both hot and cold air causing not only an uncomfortable living environment, but a substantial increase in his monthly utility bills. In the summer months, his old windows were weak against strong UV rays resulting in bleached furnishings. With no better time than now, Robert made the decision to take the first step in improving his home.

That’s when he called Window World.

“Window World’s representative sat down with me and provided a detailed estimate. When I compared this estimate to the others, Window World was the best deal for me,” he adds. “Window World delivered everything promised, on-time and according to the price we agreed to.”

With an enhanced look and a transformed living experience, Robert and his family are proud homeowners once again. “I most certainly would recommend Window World. Our home looks great. The windows are amazing and we are the envy of our neighbors.”