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Vinyl Siding vs Winter Weather

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Winter can be, let’s face it, a messy season. With beautiful falling snow comes melting slush, harsh ice or sleet, and freezing rain if not outright blizzards. And while vinyl siding can hold up well to most winter weather, it might need a good cleaning once spring rolls around. We’ll also give you some ideas on easy ways to clean your home’s exterior when winter weather leaves its mark. 

What to Expect from Vinyl Siding in Winter

Outside Your Home

Vinyl siding is one of the more forgiving home siding options available. It’s low maintenance, making it easy to keep clean, and strong enough to stand up to whatever weather patterns winter throws your way. The rolled-over nail hem and interlocking system provides plenty of wall attachment so you won’t need to worry about blizzards damaging your home’s exterior. Essentially, vinyl siding wraps your home in a protective blanket of insulation that serves as a barrier against the elements. Our siding comes in different strength options, which alters how thick the insulation inside is. So if you live in an area where inclement winter weather is more than a possibility, a thicker siding option could be the right choice. 

Inside Your Home

With 1.5”-thick foam insulation, vinyl siding helps your home retain warmth by increasing energy efficiency. How does energy efficiency keep your home warm? The thicker insulation makes it much more difficult for heat produced by your heating system to escape. Combine this with proven energy-efficient windows and doors and your home will be toasty-warm and comfortable all winter long. 

Large home with off-white siding covered with snow

Cleaning Vinyl Siding After Winter Storms

Once storms have passed, your home may have some leftover snowy residue that isn’t as easy to clean as some snow. This may involve some elbow grease on your part, but fortunately, vinyl siding is very easy to clean. Start out by giving your siding a good rinse with water (your garden hose will prove useful here) before adding any cleaning solutions. This will rinse off any solid dirt that may have accumulated with snow, leaving just the grime you’ll need to clean off. 

While you can go and buy specialized cleaning products for vinyl siding, a DIY option is available. Using a solution of 70% water, 30% white vinegar is great for cleaning your home’s exterior after storms. It should get rid of – and prevent – any lasting stains. If you need something tougher for spot treatment, your regular cleaning solutions you use on surfaces or windows around your home will do the trick! 

Weather Winter with Window World

Replacement siding for your home can make the difference between a home that is and isn’t comfortable during winter. If you’re not well-prepared, your home’s warmth could leak out through inadequate or older siding options. Vinyl siding keeps you safe and warm, letting you enjoy the season in whatever way you choose, whether that’s sledding with the kids or staying inside with a cup of coffee. 

We offer a variety of vinyl siding options to choose from depending on how much protection your home needs from the elements. Get in touch with us for a free estimate today to learn more about how vinyl siding can be a great choice for your home!

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