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How to Add Warmth to Your Home Year-Round

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In the winter, it can be hard to find that just-right temperature at home. Even when you successfully warm your home, you then have to keep it that way. Add in that every room can vary in temperature, and it’s hard not to think about rising energy costs. 

There’s a science to making your home feel more warm and welcoming—and much of that science involves window quality. Additionally, there are a number of other changes you can make throughout your home to keep it warm. Let’s get into some of the best, cost-effective ways to feel warmer in the long-term.

Replace Your Windows

Window replacement in winter, even partway through the season, can make a big impact. The best window treatments for cold weather combine energy-efficiency and top-tier design. And energy-efficient windows aren’t just an investment for the current season either; they’ll help ensure your home temperatures are more consistent and comfortable throughout the year, too.  

Windows from Window World of St. Louis are:

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Make Tweaks Throughout Your Home

Creating a cozy atmosphere is equal-parts retaining heat and capturing a vibe, so here are even more suggestions for warming up your home by finding that balance.


Re-caulking the exteriors of your windows each year can keep them more efficient. There’s also window insulation film that can act as an added barrier.


Keeping the curtains open when it’s sunny, and keeping them closed when it’s not, can make a difference for interior temperatures. Invest in thicker curtains, or even ones with special warm window fabric, for even more warmth retention. 


Fires are great for immediate warmth, but just think about how much air escapes through the chimney. When a fire is not actively burning, make sure your flu is closed. If you plan to regularly use your fireplace, fireplace doors can help lessen the amount of heat that escapes.


Warm colors and textures on your walls can add to a cozy aesthetic. Whether it’s decorations, a fuzzy throw rug, a fresh coat of paint, or just some temporary wallpaper, there are a ton of cost-friendly options for introducing warmer colors into a room.

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Keep Cozy in St. Louis with Window World  

Struggles with at-home warmth don’t need to be the norm. With Window World of St. Louis, you can replace your windows, doors and even vinyl siding to handle whatever mother nature can throw at you. With ample, warranty-backed styles, you can’t go wrong with your choice. Contact us today to learn about how you can use windows to create a more comfortable home temperature.

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