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How Temperature Affects Windows and Doors

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How Temperature Affects Windows and Doors in Your Home

Fluctuating temperatures throughout the year can impact the longevity of your windows and doors. Humidity and weather conditions in your region may further damage frames, especially those made of timber or vinyl. But fear not! Window World of St. Louis has all your tips on protecting your windows and doors from temperature-related decay. Read on to learn more!

What Does Temperature Do to Exterior Windows and Doors?

A window or door frame’s structure may eventually warp or distort as a result of temperature change. Frame materials such as wood, aluminum or vinyl are more susceptible to warping than fiberglass or compositive frames—adding strain to the frame and glass, compromising the seal and potentially disconnecting the frame from your home’s structure altogether.

Cold Temperatures

Cold temperatures can cause a frame to shrink and contract, potentially bowing or warping its structure. A bowed frame makes it harder to open and close your windows or doors, negating the effectiveness of the sealing around them. An ill-fitting window or door frame may also damage the window’s hardware, weather stripping, paint and even cause thermal stress cracks.

Warm Temperatures

While the cold causes frames to shrink, warm temperatures lead a window or door frame to expand. Repeated sun exposure and hot conditions may warp a frame to the point where its energy efficiency and quality are compromised. You may even have issues with locking and unlocking your exterior products, as warmer temperatures tend to jam locks.

Preventing Long-lasting Damage

To keep your windows and doors in the best shape possible, you have a couple of options.

Inspect Your Home Annually

Performing annual inspections and maintenance on your home is the best way to ensure your windows and doors have maintained their quality. Carefully inspect these areas, as damage can be subtle—but should never be ignored. Common issues that indicate a damaged door or window frame include:

Weatherproof Your Windows and Doors

Upon your inspection, you may find areas that need extra attention. Using caulk to repair external cracks or gaps will prevent moisture, air and insects from entering your home. Weather strips work great on the internal side of things, working to seal air leaks around windows and doors.

Invest in Safe, Energy-efficient Replacements

Oftentimes, issues with your windows and doors can go unnoticed, leaving the opportunity for the damage to get worse. Your best option is to invest in high-quality replacement windows and doors, installed by a professional

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