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Six Signs Your Windows Need to Be Replaced

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Your home is most likely the place where you spend a good chunk of your time. But how often are you really paying attention to your surroundings? If you’re not being watchful, you may not be able to see the warning signs that it’s time to update some of the elements of your home. Windows can go unnoticed if you’re not careful, since they’re usually not something you’re using every day like your doors. That’s why we’ve identified six key signs indicating it’s time to look into replacing your home’s windows. 

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How to Know When to Replace Windows

  1. It’s been 10-15 years since you last replaced them. If you’re wondering how often windows should be replaced, this is a standard measurement. 15+ years ago, single-pane windows were the standard option for homes. This alone is a good reason to look into window replacement, as double-pane windows can provide much more insulation and energy efficiency
  2. There is visible damage to your windows. This is the most obvious sign you should look into replacing your windows, as any visible damage to panes or the window frame can lead to the window breaking. If it breaks, your home is much more susceptible to mold and mildew, water seepage and pests getting in — as well as presenting a major security risk. If you see any damage, get your window replaced right away for your own peace of mind, and to prevent more costly repairs in the future. 
  3. Home decor around your windows has faded. If you see fading in the furniture, walls, carpet or other decor around your windows, it’s likely your windows do not have the UV protection necessary to keep harmful rays from the sun at bay. Modern windows are made using Low-E (low-emissivity) glass, which is treated with a film to keep UV rays and solar heat from entering your home. 
  4. You can feel a draft. This is a telltale sign your windows need to be replaced. To test this more carefully, close and lock one of your windows and hold your hand up to the top or bottom of your window sash where it meets the frame. If you feel any air coming in, you’ve got a draft, which means outside air is coming into your home. This means trouble during the summer or winter, when temperatures can be uncomfortable outside, and can lead to rising energy bill costs due to your HVAC system’s increasing efforts to keep your home cool or warm. Not only that, but this could shorten the lifespan of your HVAC system over time! Modern, energy-efficient windows will combat this problem easily.
  5. Your energy bills have been slowly rising over time. Take a look at your past energy bills. It’s surprising to hear, but older windows may be playing a role if they’ve been going up over time! If you’ve checked and found a draft in your windows, your energy bills could potentially have risen too thanks to the HVAC working harder to keep your home comfortable. 
  6. You find condensation inside your window panes. Condensation outside your window is normal, so don’t worry if that occurs. That just means it’s particularly humid and warmer outside than it is inside. Condensation inside your window panes, though, means your window insulation is failing. This usually occurs when your windows are leaking air inside your home, leading to a humid interior. This doesn’t only occur with single-pane windows either; if you have double-pane windows and you find condensation between your panes, that means the air-tight seal is no longer holding and the insulating gas has lost efficacy. With Window World’s double-pane windows, this isn’t a problem, since you’re covered by our lifetime warranty. It’s time to replace those windows! 

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