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Holiday Decorations That Won’t Harm Your Home’s Exterior

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Haul out your box of decorations—the holiday season is fast approaching! But before you begin hanging lights, tacking up wreaths and sticking on window appliques, it’s worth considering how your holiday decor may impact your home’s exterior (and its aesthetic). To help you celebrate the season and protect your windows, doors and siding, we’ve created a list of festive decorating ideas that won’t damage your home. Read our tips below!

Select A Festive Doormat

Minimal decorations have their place, too! Swapping out your doormat with the seasons is an easy but impactful way to get in the holiday spirit without blowing your budget or damaging your home. And depending on how much traffic your doormats receive while in use, you may be able to utilize the same ones year after year. A sustainable holiday decor option? Yes, please.

Line Your Front Walkway With Lights

Lighting the path to your house is a great alternative to lighting the house itself. For a classically beautiful approach, place tea lights (or tea candles, for a more effortful approach) in mason jars or some other transparent medium along the length of your front walkway. Or, invest in planter lights—available in a range of seasonal designs—for a bit more height to your path lighting. Both options leave your home’s exterior intact and are easily removed and stowed away at the end of the holiday season.

Explore Seasonal Plants and Flowers

Place potted plants or flowers on your front porch for a surprising yet easy-to-maintain holiday decor choice. Depending on the holiday, you can select flowers that reflect traditional color schemes or are strongly associated with the celebratory season. During the fall, reflect the warm, bright tones of changing leaves with florals in orange, red and yellow. Sturdy garden mums are frequently seen adorning porch-fronts and doorsteps around Halloween and Thanksgiving, but lily and daisy varieties also come in rich autumnal colors and are widely available starting in September. Winter flowers like amaryllis and poinsettia offer vibrant red petals against deep green leaves—a striking alternative to holiday lights!

Utilize Light Materials That Don’t Require Adhesive

Even with creative alternatives to traditional holiday decorations, you may still be itching to break out your old favorites. And you can, as long as you’re avoiding adhesive products when hanging them. Typically, lighter materials, like cobwebs for Halloween or even string lights in December, can be hung via draping or wrapping around parts of your home’s exterior, like porch railings and eaves. If you plan to hang a wreath from your front door, avoid adhesive and over-the-door hooks that may scratch the paint; instead, try using ribbon or fishing wire slipped in a circle around the door to place your wreath.

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