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How a Properly Insulated Home Saves You Money

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What Does Insulation Do?

Insulation provides a barrier between outside weather conditions and the inside of your home. By properly insulating your home, you’ll be able to control the inside temperature more efficiently, reaching optimum levels of comfort. Below, we’ve outlined four ways your insulation can save you money.

How Do You Save Money with Good Insulation?

By properly insulating your home, you can easily control your home’s temperature levels and air quality. Designed to keep your home cool in the summer and warm during the winter, a properly insulated home means less work for your HVAC system. Check out these four ways that insulation can save you money each month.

Heating & Cooling

The most obvious benefit of insulating your home is the efficiency of temperature control. Improperly insulated homes let air and heat escape, which means dishing out more money in the long run. Energy-efficient windows help to lower your heating and cooling costs and should definitely be considered when evaluating your insulation.

Air Quality

A lesser-known benefit of insulation is the influence it can have on the air quality inside your home. When insulation is working properly, outside allergens and dust can’t seep in. Insulation also prevents excess moisture, which can result in the growth of mold.


Although not every type of insulation is effective at reducing noise, a properly insulated home won’t be as loud. Not only does insulation create a barrier for heat, air and moisture, but it can also help to block out both airborne and impact noise. It’s important to note that some noise can be coming from your windows, which may be a sign that they need to be replaced.

Home Value

Properly insulated homes are more energy efficient and lessen the risk of structural damage from moisture. These factors will come into play when determining the value of a home, especially with the various types of insulation available. By replacing your windows with custom windows from Window World, you’ll improve your home’s insulation and curb appeal.

When Should You Replace Insulation?

Most insulation doesn’t have to be replaced often but should be checked annually for damage. Storms, water damage, punctures and holes all lead to inefficient insulation, which can lead to excess moisture and high energy bills. Depending on the type of insulation you have, its lifespan may vary. By inspecting your insulation, you’ll prevent future issues.

Where to Install Insulation

Insulation should be installed in more places than you think. By installing insulation in these places, you’ll be able to create a pocket within your home–where the temperature can easily be maintained. Some places you should install insulation include:

Save Your Peace of Mind by Insulating Your Home

If your windows haven’t been replaced or repaired, your HVAC unit may be working overtime. Keep your home insulated by exploring replacement window options from Window World of St. Louis.

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