Holiday Decorating Myths for Homeowners

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Starting your holiday decorating but worried about damaging your home’s exterior? We’re debunking five common holiday decorating myths that can make or break your home’s holiday cheer. Continue reading to find out which decorating myths are true and could make your Christmas blue, and which are as fake as faux snow!

Holiday Decorating Myths—True or False?

Myth 1: Snowballs Can Crack or Break a Window

True. Sleigh it ain’t so! With enough packed snow and accurate aim, a snowball thrown hard enough can crack (or even break) a window. Densely packed snowballs are more likely to crack a window if they haven’t been replaced or maintained over the years. If you’re looking for durable windows that won’t crack during a snowball fight, Window World of St. Louis has you covered.

Myth 2: Christmas Lights Can Cause Damage to Your Home

True. Both indoor and outdoor lights should be thoroughly inspected each year. Weathered lights are a fire hazard and can quickly cause major damage to your home if they malfunction. If possible, switch to LED Christmas lights, as they produce less heat and are safer to leave on for long periods of time.

Myth 3: Knocking Over a Christmas Tree will Break Windows

Possibly. Durable windows are not likely to break if a Christmas tree falls. Of course, the risk increases depending on the age of your window and if it has any damage, like cracked panes or an ill-fitted frame.

Myth 4: Artificial Christmas Trees are Cheaper than Real Ones

It depends. Depending on the height, extra accessories (pre-lit, fake snow, pinecones, etc.) and how realistic your tree looks, an artificial Christmas tree may be more expensive than the real deal. With an artificial tree, you’ll save in the long run since you won’t need a new tree each year. Be prepared to invest anywhere from $10-$350 for a quality artificial tree.

Myth 5: All Christmas Lights are the Same

False. There are plenty of Christmas light options to choose from and it’s important to pay attention to what you’re purchasing. Usually, Christmas lights are distinguished either for indoor or outdoor use. Outdoor lights can withstand cold temperatures and winter weather, while indoor lights are delicate and more often used for trees. Consider adding window treatments for your windows so that your festive indoor lights don’t bother the neighbors.

Holiday Decorating Safety Tips

Here are a few holiday safety tips to keep in mind when decorating your home.

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