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5 Home Staging Tips and Tricks

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Selling your home likely involves more legwork than you may have anticipated. Home staging involves leaving your home attractive and approachable, but ready for a new family to move into. Leaving a positive first impression for your potential buyers is crucial. Here are some of our best home staging ideas for you to implement in your home. 

1. Remove Personal Touches

To help potential buyers see the home as theirs, take up family photos and keepsakes that mark the home as yours. This could be a great way to get started on packing up for your own move! Find some inexpensive generic artwork to add some interest to your walls as a replacement. This will let buyers be able to imagine more easily how it will look when they buy it. 

Bring this approach to your kitchen as well. Use or pack up dried goods and your miscellaneous appliances like toasters and blenders from your pantry and clear off your countertops to leave them as bare as possible. You don’t want your taste in cereal to distract buyers from your kitchen backsplash!

2. Maximize Your Curb Appeal

From the moment buyers park in front of your home, they’re assessing it. Make sure that your home is at its most impressive from this first initial judgment. Call your local pressure washing service to get your home’s exterior cleaned in the days before you start showing it for clean exterior siding and gutters. 

Replace or clean the small touches, too: painting or replacing your mailbox and home numbers go a long way. Add new outdoor lighting and a fresh welcome mat as a final touch.

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3. Simplify Furniture Layouts

Decluttering your layout is a crucial part of home staging. Showing how furniture could be arranged in the home is useful for buyers, but their sense of style may differ from yours. Plus, lessening the amount of furniture on display could help make your home look bigger. 

“Less is more” in regards to staging furniture is a trick home staging pros make use of, so don’t be afraid to leave only the basics as far as how a layout could work. This also allows buyers to more easily move through your home during showings. 

4. Sell Your Bathroom’s Appeal

Clean your bathroom to a shine, taking care with the small details like the grout and hard-water stains in the sink or shower. There’s little less appealing for buyers than a bathroom that they see as an additional expense to replace once they’ve bought the home. It’s surprising how much a good, thorough clean can do! 

Once you’re done there, add a few finishing touches. Inexpensive new items like a shower curtain, new towels and bath mats on display, fresh soap and candles will bring a spa-like atmosphere buyers will appreciate.

5. Show Off That Storage

Storage, or lack thereof, can make or break a home sale. What storage you do have should be on full display and shown to its best advantage. This is doubly true for your kitchen or pantry. Leave closet doors open and use baskets, bins and storage units like shoe racks in smaller closets to show their versatility. 

Before you do any of this, though, remove the far majority of your clothing. Leave only a few articles to show how storage could look. Remember, depersonalizing the home helps a lot in staging. 

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